About Us

Nexus Commercial Ltd started trading in 2016; however the Managing Director, Rob Dingle has more than 30 years’ experience in the trade locally.

Starting his career as a commercial underwriter with General Accident in Taunton in the 1980s, Rob became senior commercial underwriter with Hibernian before moving into brokering. Specialising as a commercial insurance broker, Rob worked as an account executive within two Taunton-based brokers before becoming commercial manager for an intermediary in Tiverton.

Nexus Commercial Ltd was formed to provide a personal and professional service for local businesses and business owners. All our clients benefit from a dedicated contact who handles all aspects of their insurance, from quotations and mid-term adjustments to claims and renewal negotiations. This enables us to really get to know our clients so we can provide tailored advice that meets their individual requirements. It also gives our clients the confidence to know who will be dealing with their insurances and how to contact them. We don’t use call centres or hot-desking.

Rob Dingle insurance broker

Genuinely independent insurance broker

Nexus Commercial is genuinely independent with access to a wide range of insurers, schemes and facilities. Unlike some larger insurance brokers we only use the best market for our clients rather than the insurer that pays the most commission.

How do we ensure that we reach the best insurers?

Historically, small insurance brokers would be tied to only one insurance company to ensure they had a secure portfolio, but this of course limits your offering and you may not have been recommending the BEST deal to your clients, rather the ONLY deal you had. You were reliant on one insurer to furnish all the answers and needs your clients had. And, indeed there are still insurance brokers who only offer policies from a chosen few insurance companies based on the commission deals they have negotiated.
Nexus Commercial Ltd has solved this problem. We are appointed representatives of TEn Insurance Services Ltd (the enterprise network). TEn have a growing network of over 300 plus, mainly commercial focused, high rated insurers, each with their own unique portfolio. This means that not only can we find the right insurance for some of the most complex needs but we can do so in full confidence that due diligence has taken place, the insurers are all A-rated and our clients are not being put at risk.

If you would like to speak to someone about your insurance needs and how we take the strain so you don’t have to, please contact us now