Recently a couple of contested claims involving clients with Motor Fleet policies have been resolved in their favour through the production of CCTV images of the incidents. In both cases the other drivers had not only denied liability but tried to hold our clients responsible. Either deliberately or through poor recollection of the incidents the other parties made false statements and in the absence of any independent witnesses insurers and/or the courts would be hard pressed to apportion liability. The availability of CCTV images corroborating our clients version of events lead to liability being correctly attributed, protected their claims experience and ensured that they are not falsely penalised with higher premiums. I would encourage everyone driving or operating a vehicle – car, van, minibus, coach or lorry – to fit a dashcam. Even simple cameras can be incredibly useful. Just ensure that they have a wide field of view (at least 140 degrees) and full HD recording (1080p). A wifi connection is also useful. Reasonable devices from Nextbase & Yi are available for around £50. Please ensure that the dashcams do not affect the drivers vision and if possible try and locate them behind the rear view mirror. Contact us if you would like further advice.